China’s crowdfunding theory international study exchange delegation visited the Sydney Digital Currency Exchange

China Crowd Collecting Theory International Study Exchange Group, Global Financial Technology Youth Elite Club, Global College Student Blockchain Entrepreneurship Alliance, more than 20 members visited the Sydney Digital Currency Exchange on August 14, 2018, both sides of Australia and China The blockchain and digital currency development status and potential cooperation have been friendly exchanges.


The delegation leader, the representative of the State Development and Reform Commission of the State Council of China – Professor Song Chengmin, Director, the proponent of the crowdfunding theory, Professor Yang Dong, Director of the Big Data Blockchain and Supervision Science and Technology Laboratory of Renmin University of China, Gao Li, Renmin University of China Lu Bin, Executive Director of the Institute, and Chairman of Zhejiang Modern Digital Finance Technology Institute – Zhou Ziheng as the instructor, President of Zhejiang Financial Technology Association – Chen Jianke, Assistant Research Fellow, Big Data Blockchain Laboratory, Renmin University of China, Beijing Zhang Chao, co-founder of Gold Strand Technology Co., Ltd., and more than ten students from Renmin University of China, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Normal University, Melbourne University, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales The Sydney Digital Currency Exchange and a face-to-face exchange for nearly two hours.


At the meeting, Director Song Chengmin highly affirmed Australia’s favorable conditions in the development of blockchain and fully appreciated the achievements of the Sydney Digital Currency Exchange. Professor Yang Dong elaborated on the development and supervision of China’s financial technology, in more detail. It introduces its original crowdfunding theory and looks forward to the impact of the joint vote in the financial and legal fields.


Howard Chen, CEO of Sydney Digital Currency Exchange, and Chris Ma, Executive Chairman, introduced the advantages of the exchange’s operational features, internal and external supervision. It also expounds the ecological layout of the blockchain of the exchange.


During the meeting, the two sides stated that they will keep communication and start cooperation in research and development and practice in due course.

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